A Letter to Powys and Montgomeryshire regarding Jane Dodds, Liberal Democrat Candidate

Subject: A Letter to Powys and Montgomeryshire regarding Jane Dodds, Liberal Democrat Candidate
From: JJ
Date: 11 Mar 2018

To the Councillors and General Public of Montgomeryshire and Powys, regarding Jane Dodds. This letter is to be posted online as an open letter, to lower the risk of Dodds offending again or becoming an MP.

Dear Councillors and General Public cc Jane Dodds and Karen Arthur,

If this letter regarding Jane Dodds' unsuitability for office is considered to be outrageous, remember, she felt that it was acceptable for a vulnerable adult to be destroyed publicly.

You have an unsuitable candidate for Montgomeryshire Liberal Democrats. Her name is Jane Dodds, and she is unsuitable both as a political candidate and as a social care worker, because she was willing to see a vulnerable adult killed in order to cover up for abusers. Jane Dodds poses a risk to the vulnerable and that needs to be known, and she needs to be withdrawn from any safeguarding or social care cases as she isn't safe to be involved unless she is re-trained and supervised.

Did you know that Jane Dodds was moonlighting as a Safeguarding Caseworker for the Church of England in London, while claiming to be working hard for the people of Montgomeryshire? And did you know that she played a part in nearly killing and utterly destroying a vulnerable adult? An incredibly co-ordinated cover-up that went wrong, because the victim is writing this despite the best efforts of the Church to silence her.

This complaint has also been submitted to the leader of the Liberal Democrats, who appears to be working on it so thoroughly that a year after it was submitted to him, he still hasn't brought it to a conclusion. This complaint has also been submitted to Karen Arthur at Powys Safeguarding, but unfortunately she considers abuse and moonlighting to both be good things and beneficial, and has protected Jane Dodds and snubbed the victim, such is the way of the system in protecting their own, even at the cost of the lives of the vulnerable.

When you have read this letter, would you please contact the police and safeguarding, and the Liberal Democrats, as it is leaving or overlooking things like this that allows further abuse and often resulting tragedies, a good man collapsed defending the life of Jane's victim against church-led hate attacks, and all Jane had to say was that the church didn't mean to hurt the victim.

Making a victim out to be nuts is the Church's way of trying to excuse all this, it isn't true, so ignore it. Would you please also contact the Church of England, as they can put the phone down on victims but not real people with your standing, would you remind them that the million pound whitewash that Dodds and her church colleagues, Graham Tilby, Moira Murray, Caroline Venables and others took part in and aided, still needs investigating, as do Dodds and her colleagues. Please have mercy on a destroyed vulnerable adult and help.

Jane Dodd's victim (one of them) is writing this having woken up from nightmares and flashbacks regarding the circumstances in which Jane Dodds became involved, not to safeguard or protect the victim but to silence her and to aid the wrongdoers in proceeding to destroy her. And again, this appears to be one of several cases.

Jane Dodds has long been pretending to be 'Working Hard for the People of Montgomeryshire'. But, she kind of failed to let the people of Montgomeryshire know that she was moonlighting as safeguarding caseworker for the whole of the Church of England, a London-Based job, and why? Is the question. Dodds was in London at least part of the week, every week.
But not full time, so she wasn't providing a full time service either to Montgomeryshire or the Church of England, and as their only safeguarding caseworker on the National Safeguarding Team, I am sure you can imagine that wasn't adequate, if you go by the diocese of Winchester getting hundreds of safeguarding complaints per month because of poor safeguarding, that is thousands across the UK.
Her part-timing in Montgomeryshire was a year before the general election. Dodds was always in such a hurry for her train back to Wales after harming me, that she didn't have time to be responsible and respond to my anguish at her callous stupidity and complicity in harming me.
But her involvement in the Church of England was much more serious.

As you are aware, Montgomeryshire used to have a Liberal Democrat MP, his name was Lord Carlile, and he was and is well known for his foul behaviour towards women, especially abuse victims and his former wife. He became a Lord after his time as an MP. He was a man who stood up and openly defended Greville Janner, (who unfortunately I know wasn't innocent and was quite open in his activities), as well as being close to other prolific peadophiles, and he publicly and shamelessly called his wife 'boring' when he left her for a younger woman. Not a man to be investigating cases involving vulnerable female abuse victims.

Jane Dodds was the National Safeguarding Caseworker for the Church of England when Lord Carlile was 'chosen' to 'investigate whether Bishop Bell had really abused...' a female in the church, who had already been 'apologized to and recompensed' by the Church of England. I am sure you can read that with horror.

The Church had already apologized and recompensed the victim, and they were now willing to publicly undermine the victim...Yes, really. This was not my case but similar, but I wrote to the Church, expressing my horror and explaining that Lord Carlile was not a suitable investigator. I was ignored, of course, the church blanket ignore their victims. Why? Please read these.
1. The way the church and safeguarding treat victims. 2. Why the Church treat victims this way

1. http://jerseytoday.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/shades-of- things-about-to-come.html

2. https://seaofcomplicity .blog/

Now here's a letter regarding Jane Dodds:


You will see 'Enduring and Sadistic Cruelty' or similar mentioned in the first of those articles. Jane Dodds was part of that enduring and sadistic cruelty, she really was, her victim feels the damage so strongly it causes nightmares, and this letter was written straight out of a nightmare.

Unfortunately, despite protests, Carlile was allowed to continue and destroy the victim publicly and give the Church the PR that they use abuse and 'safeguarding' for. They have run a show since Justin Welby was elected, whereby they publicly use the vulnerable, abuse and abuse cases for PR, with no throught for safeguarding the victims, often involving fake and press and media only apologies, which is what has happened to me on a massive scale, destroying my relationships with friends, family and community, destroying me, and leaving me as a terrified fugitive who has been beaten and raped because of the hatred sparked by press and media. Dodds didn't contact me about this, she contacted me purely to defend the church, when the damage was done and they were striking the final blow in the press and media.

Dodds claims to have more than 20 years experience in social care, but her conversations with me made that out to be a lie or 20 years that she has learned nothing from. Incredibly after the press and media had launched the final attack on me and I was utterly destroyed, Dodds tried to say 'We want to make things how they were before for you'. As if she could undo the lifelong damage, the abuse, the branding. She either didn't have a clue or was lying through her teeth. Harry Keeble, the famous Child Protection Officer say 'You should never tell a victim that things are going to be alright...because they aren't'. And Dodds allowed and co-ordinated the protection of wrongdoers and my destruction, what she said to me about making things as they were before wasn't just stupidity, it was pure evil, another blow to an unhealably destroyed fugitive.

Dodds failed to state if she meant before the press attacks, before the abuse, before the church had me repeatedly beaten and imprisoned by police to silence me, before the church - my upbringing was violent and abusive, there is no 'before'. She just trotted out the silly lines and added devastation to the criminal harm that she was party to.

Jane Dodds would have been well aware of Carlile, her, predecessor's attitude and behaviour to women and abuse victims, even if she wasn't personally responsible for his election as investigator on the case, which, considering their strong connection and roles, doesn't seem possible. And she was among those who received my letter of concerns about the Carlile investigation.

Unfortunately the Church treat abuse and investigations as a massive PR campaign, and they love to elect openly conflicted people and pay them to say what the Church want to be said. The use of the Ball case to pretend that things have changed was a horrific act of deceit and a spit of contempt on those of us still suffering the church's abuse and corruption.

Sometimes it is as if the church deliberately test out the boundaries of their unchecked and unregulated depravity, to see if anyone will ever dare to challenge them. No-one who values their life, career or sanity would, the church can kill and are far enough above the law and in with the government and monarchy to simply get away with it, their strategy of conflicted judges, police, lawyers and charity commission officials aids them as well.

But Jane Dodds' role in my case was also very shocking and wrong, she helped the Church to destroy me while she was moonlighting as a safeguarding caseworker for the Church of England.

The Church of England is unregulated and has a lot of power that it has no right to, and one of the things it does, not because it cares but because it enables access to social care, safeguarding and multi-agency systems to enable branding and silencing of victims is, it recruits social care workers such as Jane Dodds.
It appears that the excuse for Dodds carrying out her dual roles was that she was a 'volunteer' for the Church of England. Really? A 'volunteer' in a senior national role with the tens of thousands worth caseload of the abusive church's victims?
This still needs investigating, and the Liberal Democrats do need to look closely at what has gone on. If they don't, they should reconsider their place in politics.

Dodds allowed me to be destroyed, and allowed the former police officer who was defending my life, Bob Hill, to collapse defending my life against the hate attacks sparked by the Church's public destruction of me, this blog was written by Bob a few days before he collapsed defending my life


Read the comments on that blog and you won't have any doubts about the press and media led hate and smears. The press and media said to me that they simply published what the Archbishop had sent to them, no questions, and I asked why they kept doing this without any concern for me and my safety, they repeated that they published what Lambeth Palace's communication teams sent, my side of things was irrelevant. My story remains uninvestigated either by church or by their complicit press and media, I was destroyed without question.

This abuse of power over the press and media by the Church is not being challenged or addressed, and Dodds was silent when she kept contacting me but couldn't explain why she had allowed me to be abused this way. Bob's reports on my case in full, with comments, are on his blog between 2013 and 2015 when he collapsed defending my life. Imagine he had to fight for my life as the church destroyed me publicly, and no authority or agency or organization is doing a thing about this, I will suffer until something is done about it, even ofcom and ipso still haven't acted even though it is evidenced. Because no-one stands up to the church.

One of the biggest safeguarding issues in my case was press and media hatred and mis-reporting on my case, led and egged on by the Church, including senior officials and Bishops, as they spent a million pounds publicly whitewashing my case and protecting the Church's interests. They allowed a conflicted judge to destroy me and discredit me, despite evidence being presented to them that the judge was openly conflicted. They published a load of lies by a church member who claimed to be doing an 'independent report'.
Dodds condoned all of this, she incredibly whined to me that the 'church didn't mean to hurt me'. It doesn't matter what the church meant, they knowingly and persistently publicly destroyed me and nearly killed me. Dodds had no response to my answer thus.

Dodds didn't contact me until the final blows of the Church utterly and publicly destroying me to close the case down, she didn't stop them, refused to explain why she had allowed me to be publicly destroyed, and incredibly, she tried to whimper that 'The Church didn't mean to hurt me' as they nearly killed me. Why exactly does she think I took the Bishop to court as a litigant in person? Just for fun as opposed to saving my life as the Bishop knowingly publicly destroyed me?

Dodd's efforts to defend the indefensible actions of the church in destroying me, destroyed me over again. I had no money, no food, and holes in my shoes and was very ill when I took the Bishop to court to stop him from killing me by handing the knowingly conflicted hate report over to those who had arranged their conflicted judge to create it and destroy me. I wonder how Dodds equates that hatred and negligence with the church not meaning to hurt me?

She was unclear as to why she had contacted me as she wasn't preventing harm to me, she wasn't safeguarding me. She insistently and persistently used my old name, when my name had been changed because of church press and media led hatred against me, and whined about how the Church could 'learn' from people like me, this was horrific under the full spate of the Church's public destruction and discrediting of me. What were the church learning? The extent to which they could abuse their power, murder, without being held to account because they are unregulated and above the law?

The way Dodds behaved showed that despite being safeguarding caseworker, she knew nothing of my experiences and she didn't want to know, and her attitude to me was crushing, she upheld everything I had suffered, while hiding behind a whimpering 'social care' caring mask. It was sickening, and I repeatedly complained to her about her attitude and the harm she had allowed, but she had no answer.

Dodds then quit her moonlighting position, having seemingly only been there to co-ordinate protection of the church as they publicly destroyed me, and arrangement for Lord Carlile to destroy Bishop Bell's victim publicly. Dodds never warned me she was quitting, never explained why she had allowed the church to publicly destroy me, indeed she never explained why she had contacted me at all, as her silly and aimless emails as I was destroyed only harmed and distressed me.

The church, having publicly destroyed me, reverted to silence, to blocking my emails and calls and ignoring my letters, as the other survivors have explained to you in the links above. But Dodds returned to her Montgomeryshire Candidacy without explaining to her constituency that she had been spending their time and money in London, destroying vulnerable adults for the corrupt and abusive Church of England, rather than 'Working hard for the people of Montgomeryshire'.

My case remains unresolved, and the damage by the open press and media attacks on me which Dodds allowed and upheld, can never be healed, nor the years of harm by the church preceding the three year press and media smear attacks. The church have shuffled some of the high profile wrongdoers around while discrediting me over again by upholding them in the press and media, but in their million pounds of whitewash and discrediting, they have never interviewed me nor recorded what has happened to me, nor have they redacted their press and media discrediting of me or recorded my side of things in their complicit press and media. I have been damned and am left damned, Dodds was part of that and condones it.

Dodds went on to compete in the general election despite my complaints to Powys Safeguarding and the Liberal Democrats, and thankfully she lost by enough margin to reassure me that she will never be an MP like her friend and Colleague Lord Carlile, even if favours in kind go on, indeed I was surprised that it wasn't the deal for her to win in return for her services to peadophiles and peadophile protectors, however, she is still guilty of misconduct that put a vulnerable adult or more than one vulnerable adult, at risk of life. And no doubt the unregulated and all-powerful Church of England would try to justify her involvement and her overseeing of harm from a safeguarding position.

Please don't let this matter rest. Dodds can kill without remorse or responsibility, and still feel justified as well as qualified as a social care and political candidate, and that makes her a risk to the vulnerable.

I remain suffering utter anguish and terror of further harm, I am a fugitive, and I am attacked by strangers over the press and media hatred and lies. Dodds condoned this and the complete lack of justice or resolution. There may be other voiceless vulnerable suffering or dead because of Dodds. After all, the church and their intermeshed authorities make suicides over this kind of thing to be 'mental illness' rather than murder.

Jane Dodds is still liable and responsible for her duplicity, and her harm to me and others, would you please remind her to come back and resolve the harm, and to be responsible also for her moonlighting and abuse of dual roles and power.
She shouldn't have stood in the last election. Please would you remind the church of england that this matter is leaving a vulnerable adult in severe and unremitting anguish, they are in denial, having got what they wanted in cover-up for the sake of their image.

It remains a fact and no argument can refute it, that Jane Dodds harmed me and failed to protect me from harm, and acted for wrongdoers in power to do so. She will always pose a risk as she doesn't feel responsible for her actions.

My name is 'JJ', I am also known as 'J*****', 'J****', 'HG' and many other names, but none of them are really mine. The church have renamed or caused my renaming a number of times. I write a daily blog which the church hate because it shows the real me, and not who they say I am, this is my blog:




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