Letter to Me Ten years from now...

Subject: Letter to Me Ten years from now...
From: My present 23 years old self
Date: 12 Nov 2017

Hello Charlyn. Maybe when you read this letter, you're already 33 years old. A healthy and full of joy nga Charlyn. You hold a position in the government and you are now given a great responsibility that ONLY YOU can accomplish. You have just finished being pruned by God and you have now become better and stronger and more equipped than before. Many were against you but you were able to rise above them because God is there fo you. You are now a strong-willed, humble, faithful, responsible, honest, loving, compassionate, giving Christian woman and maybe an active church or institutional leader. God has appointed you in a high place where you are given keys to make a shift in a region or city where you live. You cannot live without God and you rely more on Him. There's a point in your life that you wanted to give up but you are still standing up because there are many people who care and love you deeply. You are not alone and God has made sure that you will not walk this narrow road alone. That He will be there to light your way. Now, I guess you enjoy receiving more encounters with Him. Maybe you are now a prophet walking in the grace and mercy of the Almighty and that you have gone to a new level where you can even hear Him audibly everyday as you wake up in the morning and sleep in the evening. The Charlyn today who is writing at this website (who has problems with self esteem) will be transformed into what God wants you to be, a confidently beautiful with a heart lady. I guess you are now a woman involved in many ministries in your church. You are given a wonderful caring loving and handsome husband. And maybe you have a beautiful and healthy baby boy. Maybe right at this moment the end of the end of days is fast approaching. You are now in an era where fear is everywhere but I know you are courageous and you believe that God will not let you fail. You are the apple of His eye. And Jesus ministry will still thrive no matter what. The Tripod Ministry? Thats what Sheen always tells us, right? And right at this moment it is unfolding in front of your eyes. The fulfilment of God's promises. Maybe you can have lots of faithful friends who are there to help you. Your loving parents are also there to help you walk uprightly and they will continue to praise God from the bottom of their hearts. Maybe Jenny is now active in church too and she has able to convert her family and frienda too. Your desire to serve the Lord with your family is being fulfilled. You enjoy the love of God and you think you can do anything with Jesus' help. You have found favor in the eyes of your enemies and they will be amazed by you. You are really destined for greatness Charlyn. So ginadoubt mo pa bala ang promises ni God subong? Siguro gakaamaze ka ay nga ang 23 y.o nga Charlyn isa gid gali ka propeta kag tsakto ginapanghambal ko subong. Lantawa lang,it will happen. You will thrive Charlyn. Together with Sheen and Cindy. And your sister who is now a wonderful mommy to her two daughters. You will be a great end time prophet who loves God so much with her life. Subong pa lang gusto ta na ka makita. Kung may time machine lang tani ah. Love ya!


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