Letter to the addict in my family

Subject: Letter to the addict in my family
From: Your family
Date: 23 Mar 2017

Addiction hurts.. You,me,your kids , your husban, all who truely love you.
We never thought this disese would take over , or maybe we just hoped it wouldn't. We all seen it coming , we want to help , we want it to stop , we want mom back on top! You are still around but the person walking in that body is no longer the mother , the wife , the friend we all know...
I know its hard; we know your hurting , but do you see how hurt we are? Do you see who you have become? We dont know who you are anymore.. We know your somewhere deep down inside .. We still have hope you can find yourself .. We still pray everyday that these demons will leave you alone and you will come back as the mother , daughter , wife ,and friend we all know and love . We know your strong ; stronger then most women i have ever met . Im just hoping and praying that this demon will leave .
The pills are talking to you making you feel great ,making you feel unstopable , putting you as high as possible , but when the high wares off the pill makes you hate life , hate everyone around it has taken your happiness away , i can see it in your face i can hear it in your voice . You want to be happy and healthy again you want to strive like before but in the same since the addiction is pulling you as hard as ever the addiction has taken over the addiction has killed you mentally and emotionally please dont let it take you physically .. As we all stand with our guards up we are all breaking on the inside we are all losing it emotionally we are all trying to talk to the mother you once were.. We are all never giving up hope that you will wake up and put this addiction behind you.. We all know its hard we all know its a struggle but we all want you to know its not impossible and we all want you to know we will not give up! Take some time find your self again but in the end know we will all be here to comfort when the day comes that the addiction dies forever and our mother , daughter , wife and friend become once again...


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