To the Left occupying America, YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED

Subject: To the Left occupying America, YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED
From: LibWhumper
Date: 9 Jul 2017

To the Left in America (I won't call you the American Left because your not Americans),

Here are the charges against you---

You have lived on free stuff, paid for by the working man. Instead of doing honest work, you went to college on my money then graduated into a soft, overpaid public employment.

You have bought the Urban vote with the offer of no work and even more free stuff.

You have usurped the true function of government which is to make war, seal the borders and enforce Christian values, and created a Communist nanny state. Free school, libraries, parks and welfare are TREASON by the Tenth Amendment.

With massive voter fraud, you stole elections and installed an unqualified public organizer and the graduate of a Radical Muslim Madrasa in the White House.

You conspired to take America's guns and indoctrinate our children through public education.

You spit on the Bible which is the basis of all laws. You deny that America is a CHRISTIAN Nation which she clearly is. You have replaced God's law with Liberal Sharia Law and Islam.

In the name of so called equality, you force America's women into "careers" rather than protecting them and allowing them to live by God's plan of home and children.

You have encouraged the dangerous and evil homosexual, even allowing these Godhaters to "marry".

You have mocked the manly values of combat and survival that America is all about. You have turned strong men and godly women into soft, pussified males and manhating, manly women.

You bully real Americans into silence with fake news and the violence that is biological to your race.

Well, praise the God of this REPUBLIC and His Son Jesus Christ. He had a plan and He raised up His chosen one, PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP to give us jobs, small government, and restore the exalted place of the hard working, moral European male.

Those on the Liberal Left are not human. Your evil and cruelty is demonic. For all the charges I stated and more, A GRAND JURY OF THE PEOPLE has found you GUILTY of HOMICIDE, TREASON and CONSPIRACY.

I'm not here to tell you Jesus loves you and come join us. I am here to tell you that your time is up.

Very soon, WE THE PEOPLE will cry out to Mr. Trump and he will hear our pain. He will declare HAVOC to the Left. Your filthy "revolution" and your childish "resistance" will be crushed. Men will take back the houses and cars you bought with the taxpayer's money. Your women and girls will be given to Alpha males who will protect them and teach them the obedience that God gave women. Your boys will be taken to learn the ways of the Gun, the Blade and the Fist and become MEN, working and supporting there families. I won't do this, God will. Vengeanse is HIS.

The tyrrany of the Demonrat Terrorist Party is OVER. Just sit in your wine bars and wait. We will be there soon and you pussified males will not stand against MEN.

HAIL TRUMP! GOD Bless AMERICA and all REAL Americans!


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