Hilarious: Response to the editor “12 reasons I think critically and don’t follow partisan rhetoric where facts proves it false”

Subject: Hilarious: Response to the editor “12 reasons I think critically and don’t follow partisan rhetoric where facts proves it false”
From: A Concerned Citizen
Date: 28 Feb 2017

Phoenix Brooks submitted a letter to the editor on the USChronicle.com that featured 12 reasons Phoenix is a misinformed voter and political commenter. Pheonix’s reasons are a riot, and since their appearance, they have gone viral across the country. Since we just had an election year, it might be appropriate to revisit the article. For anyone interested in reading the misinformed article, http://uschronicle.com/hilarious-letter-editor-12-reasons-voted-democratic/. Please read both my response and Phoenix’s letter with an open mind and be both critical and accepting where appropriate and form your own opinions. Your views are not mine or Phoenix’s.

I find it important to emphasize that I voted for a candidate, not a party. Two-party systems are toxic to democracy and led to this toxic election cycle that propped up candidates that represent the worst qualities of each party on both sides.

1. (Strawman #1) I voted Clinton because I reject the comparison of the love of two consenting adults to bestiality. Phoenix’s Labrador is not a consenting adult and gay couples are not bestialists.
2. I voted Clinton because I believe oil companies have a social responsibility for their environmental destruction and should have no access to the Secretary of State position, with the obvious benefits and conflicts of interests it holds.
3. (Strawman #2) I voted Clinton because I believe governments do hold a responsibility to spend money in ways an individual cannot, ie. National defense, environmental protection, infrastructure, etc. This is particularly ironic as government spending is due to increase with the proposed budgets for infrastructure, border wall, and military increases.
4. (Strawman #3/ HILARIOUSLY ironic) I voted Clinton because I believe a key part of freedom of speech is government disclosure and freedom of the press. I believe it is critical that the president and his/her administration be honest to the American people and allow media outlets into press briefings, even if they ask “tough questions.”
5. (Strawman #4) I voted Clinton because she had no intention of taking away your guns. This is simply false.
6. I voted Clinton because I understand the difference between weather and climate. Weather is highly variable and prone to outliers; climate is the average of all weather and thus is not nearly as variable and can be modeled into the future accurately. I also understand that the polar ice caps are already dramatically reduced and will continue to melt away.
7. This one I admit is highly linked to personal opinion, and I understand both sides. I do find it ironic to declare yourself “pro-life” and support the death penalty, however, including Mr. Trump’s maintained calls for the execution of the exonerated Central Park Five.
8. (Strawman #5) I voted Clinton because she never at any point said to give health care, education, or SS benefits to illegal aliens or take away SS. This is simply false.
9. (Strawman #6) I voted Clinton because she never at any point said that businesses should just “break even and give the rest away to the government for redistribution as the Democrats see fit” or any other measure of redistribution. This is simply false.
10. (Strawman #7) I voted Clinton because I am capable of searching that the most recent constitutional amendment was in 1992, not “every few days.” I also am capable of recognizing that the constitution is a living document and should be changed where appropriate to match the times. I am sure we all would be living very different lives without the “fringe kooks” who amended the constitution to add the Bill of Rights, abolition of slavery, women’s suffrage, and end of racial limits in voting.
11. I voted Clinton because I think that it’s better to divert the national effort towards sustainable practices, rather than self-destructive drilling practices that also affect humans. Beside the facts of this debate, I also find it sad that someone can so easily brush aside the loss of a species due to humanity’s own desires.
12. I voted Clinton because my head is firmly in place and I am capable of seeing flaws in a candidate, even if I voted for them. I weighed my personal values with those of the candidates and compared these values to facts. I rejected the partisan rhetoric that convinced me Donald Trump called Republicans “the dumbest group of voters in the country” just as I rejected the partisan rhetoric that told me Clinton was a murderer and made an informed decision.

I am sure this document will not sway many minds, but rather be attacked by those of contrary views and further entrench those that agree with it. That is the sad state of partisan politics, but I will continue to call out misleading and false articles, as this one, under the guise of humor, implied a number of lies.


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