Is having a GUY friend a crime ?

Subject: Is having a GUY friend a crime ?
From: Your forever Loving Ex
Date: 24 Oct 2017

Baby that guy you saw on my insta story was my friend. Is that all for what we broke up ?
The main issue was that you never trusted me and why would you also because you do not even trust yourself and I don't blame you for it. But I trusted you every single thing I never had doubt on you.
You don't smoke and I smoke. You do not work but I am an independent chic. You do not have responsibilities but I have to take care of my mother & sister. You do not have any friends but I have all kinda gender friends. You know there is something like if the vibe between the partners is not similar then it will not work out.
I swear I tried my best to be in your own but I guess I failed. I totally understand that none of the guy can see his girl with other guy but that does not mean that I replaced you or stopped loving you right ? How could you even think that.
That day when you caught me live on insta I was the happiest person alive, then I sang the song you wrote from me thought that I would surprise you but hell no instead I pissed you because you again assumed that I was singing for him the guy beside me, my friend. I failed in impressing you. But I never stopped loving you and replaced you. See now you have replaced me. For a sec I could not even react, I was in a neutral zone you know. Did not know what to do, I was laughing but I could feel the water rolling down my cheeks. I was confused.That also the same name. You have no clue.
I see you happy with her. you have blocked me on whatsapp, instagram, facebook everywhere but I know that you are happy with her & I feel that you are more happy with her than you were with me lately. I happy to see you happy but at the same time I am sad to see that you were never happy as much as you are now with her.
I tried my every level possible to keep you happy but I guess that was much efficient. Anyways i hope one or the other day you see this and realize that "That girl might have dozen of guy friends but she never failed to admit that she is taken and she really love someone who is waiting for her and that was me".
Maybe by the time you see this we will be miles apart but trust me in my life ain't nobody you. I can never fall for anyone because whatever the love I had within me I have already dumped in you. May god bless you both and thanks for making me heartless.
I Love You ZD. :)


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