Harris Farm: please take the lead in eliminating discounts on plastic packaged fruit and vegetables

Subject: Harris Farm: please take the lead in eliminating discounts on plastic packaged fruit and vegetables
From: Elisha Rose and the 'Count Me In For Change' group
Date: 29 Feb 2016

Dear Harris Farm,

I adore your shops. I applaud your vision and commitment, every bit of it.

I smile when I stop at your 'Imperfect Picks' display. When I see your ‘Love Local’ display of fruits and vegetables, I have to stop myself from fist-pumping the air. I love that you have teamed up with OzHarvest and other charitable organisations to create positive change.

It really does fill me with joy to see your thriving business, built not only by the hard work of your management and team, but also by giving consideration to the wellbeing of our society and environment.

It's clear to me that Harris Farm is head and shoulders above the rest - in terms of operating a business that is profitable as well as in harmony with people and the planet. You've made some courageous decisions in the past to be where you are at, and that's why I'm writing to you.

Would Harris Farm take the lead in eliminating discounting of plastic packaged fruit and vegetables?

I know that today's society has become slave to convenience. But with this, we have become blind to the negative impacts of plastic to our environment, as well as our bodies. On a visit to Harris Farm, I was disappointed to see that the plastic packaged cherries were cheaper than the loose cherries. There was not a huge price difference between the packaged and loose cherries, but it was enough to quickly sway consumer buying decisions. To be fair to the environment, consumers should pay more for the plastic box of cherries, not less.

I know there are probably countless reasons why you choose to package fruit and vegetables in plastic. Given your impressive record for caring for the environment, local farmers and society as a whole, I implore you to consider making a positive impact in the Australian grocery industry by being the first grocery chain to eliminate discounts on plastic packaged food. If the fruit and vegetables are wrapped or boxed in plastic, they should be at least the same price, if not more expensive, than the loose alternative.

Our planet is looking to courageous businesses like yours to set an example for how our society can improve its environmental impact. This may only be a small change, but little steps can create massive differences.

Many thanks for reading this letter.

Elisha Rose

Count Me In For Change

Sydney, Australia


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