Happy Birthday Abheer!

Subject: Happy Birthday Abheer!
From: Mumma
Date: 11 May 2017

2 years ago. 7:57 pm. Emergency C-Section after hours and hours of hard labor and even harder pregnancy. Bheero, you’ve been giving me hell since before you were even born, and I wouldn’t change you for anything.
You came into my life like Master Shifu and unleashed the powers in me,the strength to grow you up the strength to be your Mumma. The last two years has been an amazing journey for us. From staying alone without papa to be a papas boy as soon as you were back living with Papa. I still remember your mouse like sneek as soon as you were born! Havent seen your papa so restless before,Honey Mumma was so excited that she clicked you the very first moment she saw you. You made Dida travel all alone for the first time and Dadu he flew down from office as he couldn’t hold back seeing you… You have an amazing family Bheero,with all this love make sure that you become a good human. Your nani always says you have come to this world with a motive in life…Make sure that you know what your motive is…Be a good person! Be humble let no success rule you and let no failure break you..
You have been very understanding since the day you were born,I remb sending you to the Daycare so that I could rejoin my work. Day 1 I whispered in your ears mumma will be back soon. You are on the reasons why I can be what I want to be. Recently you have picked up talking,I love the way you say Mumma come! What is Bheers mothers name? You answer Meet! How beautifully you are picking up things, cant express in words how naughty you are.You bring the house upside down with your mischiefs,you are a baby that I always wanted a notty baby,but someone who is a charm to others…Your school,our neighbours the kids down everyone knows me as Abheers mumma, cant tell you how good I feel being addressed like that.
It’s the most important phase of your life now,mumma and papa shall nurture you to be a good person. Your character will be a reflection of what we teach you,I hope we teach you right. I hope you grow up with a sense of understanding to emotions and values. Both mumma and papas religion may be different but our values are same, pray not because your are afraid, be sure that there is a power who judges right and wrong. Try not to do wrong as there is a judgement for every action you. Live life to the fullest be what you are!
Bheero you will always be very special to me,my bachax,mummas jaan..


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