To the grandparents who were by far the worst.

Subject: To the grandparents who were by far the worst.
From: your resentful granddaughter.
Date: 14 Apr 2017

Growing up, I never knew why I was treated differently by my mom's side. I always thought it was that whole "tough love" concept but I found it extremely odd that they treated my older brother like a saint, and shit. I would cry hysterically because they treated me so poorly. My poor mother failed to see the damage they did to me. While I can't blame her entirely, I would have liked a bit of more support. Her family is the type of family that if you stood up for yourself, you'd be shunned. So..I guess I was shunned.

One incident that stood out from the others was the time I went to homecoming for the first time. I was SO excited and felt like a rockstar. Before my mom dropped us off at the dance, she made us stop at my dad's side, which I didn't mind. Then she pulled into her parent's driveway and I was queasy all of the sudden. We get out and they embrace my brother with loving arms, and me, well not so much.

I was told my dress was too short and that I looked like a skank, as we were leaving she handed my brother ten dollars and told him to treat a girl to a nice drink and food. I was hopeful that she was going to give me the same treatment, but to my dismay...she told me to "dance for a guy", and they'll pay for my drinks. I was so upset that I didn't even want to go to the dance.

They ruined so many life events for me and I despise them for everything they have done and didn't do. If they taught me anything, it is to NEVER be like them. I am now 22, and all of the sudden they are "trying". I refuse to be a second option like I am now to them. They were never there for me and I hope they love this taste of medicine.

I would never wish anything bad on anyone, I know karma handles that.


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