To The Girl Who Took Several Days To Decide She Didn't Actually Want to Go on a Date

Subject: To The Girl Who Took Several Days To Decide She Didn't Actually Want to Go on a Date
From: The Boy Who Had High Hopes
Date: 17 May 2017

Hi, it's me again. I know we just talked (texted), but there are a few things I didn't tell you.

First: No. I'm not alright. Sorry for lying to you, but I didn't see a benefit to making you feel bad too. But thinking for the whole week that I had something to look forward to on Saturday was great, and now I've got another half a week to go with nothing. Did you know the last time I cried I was six years old? No, wait. Seventeen years old.

Second: I value our friendship too. Probably more than you think, since I'm not all that popular; I can't just turn to another group of friends like you can. When I heard that you wanted me to ask you on a date, I thought that friendship could be a foundation for something really great, something fun for both of us. But you were probably right. I guess it would just be "weird".

Third: I lied again. I don't "totally get it". I am completely lost right now, trying to figure out how I got from practically being able to hear you giggling over text when you asked if this was a date to "let's go out with friends". I'll be the first to admit that I don't know a lot about girls, but this ranks near the most confused I've been.

Fourth: Probably the most important. If in the future you ever think about this situation again, please be sure. Before you have your friend tell the shy, awkward kid that "[you'll] say yes," make sure you will. Not just right at first, but yes meaning, "yes, I will actually go on a date with you, having considered the situation and it's possible outcomes"

I'll literally never tell you any of this, and I hope I forget about it, too. That's why I'm writing this horrible, passive aggressive letter on some website I found through google.

But anyway, I guess I can take some comfort in the fact that you feel really bad and don't want me to be upset. At least there's that.


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