Subject: Cristin
From: The collateral damage
Date: 23 Oct 2017

>It ( the affair) started in the fall of 2013 for Cristin. J (my husband) and she were at a work event and were participating in group pictures. Cristin slipped on a rock and J immediately caught her. He steadied her and for her, that's when she knew. She knew she felt something for him. J claims this incident made no matter to him. In fact, he didn't even remember it until Cristin told him when she started having feelings for him.
In January 2014 they were at a meeting in Las Vegas. The last night of the event, Cristin and J had some drinks and began flirting with each other. They (the group) took a van back to the hotel. J got into the van first and sat in the back. Cristin followed. On the drive back, Cristin wrapped her arms around him and placed her head onto his shoulder. He reciprocated by putting his arms around her. So they sat for the ride in the back seat cuddled up together. Texts began immediately after that night. Cristin called J soon after they began texting and said that her husband had seen texts, thanks to the cloud, and it would be best if they found other ways of communicating. Cristin emailed J to his personal account in January with the subject line as a winky face. She told Him that she was unwilling to sever contact and it would be best for them to continue conversation with the exchange of emails.
Cristin and J immediately began to talk about crossing into a physical affair right away. Some of the things discussed are what they found attractive in one another. Cristin complained that her husband Had not had sex with her for the last year. So they had a conversation regarding how much sex each of them needed on a daily to weekly basis, what kind of acts they enjoyed, positions they preferred, etc.... Cristin claimed she needed sex three times per week. J refers to getting to be with Cristin as a "f--- fest" and he wanted to be at that event. Cristin complained that she was no longer attracted to her husband and she found him to be lazy and apathetic. She liked that J was more driven. She also called her husband a push over. Cristin sent J selfies (I have seen one with Cristin in her underwear) of herself in her underwear and J sent her a picture of himself (that his wife took) of him standing in front of his new car. I do not know if J sent her photos of a sexual nature but it is in his character to do so. J was immediately committed to a physical affair but said he would not be willing to leave his wife and kids to pursue a romantic relationship with her. Cristin told J she was not willing to be "the other woman". She explained that her own father had cheated on her mother and had left them for the other woman. She expressed an unwillingness to have sex with J if there weren't deeper feelings involved and if nothing further would ever come from sleeping together. So it is my understanding that Cristin wanted a romantic relationship beyond just a physical fling with my husband. It is also my understanding that conversation died out for a few months just after this particular conversation due to J being unwilling to leave his wife and two young children to be in a more committed romantic relationship with an already married woman.
Once the New Orleans meeting was announced (I believe a few weeks before the actual event) Cristin wrote J saying "I guess we will be seeing each other sooner than we thought". This began the sexual dialogue again with both parties agreeing to engage sexually at the meeting.
J got off the plane in New Orleans and checked into his hotel room which was just down the hall from Cristin's room. Cristin sent J an email giving him her room number. Around 3:30pm on June 26, 2014 J went to Cristin's room. She greeted him with a hug and said "I have been waiting a very long time to finally see you again". J and Cristin sat on the couch of her hotel room and going through with the affair was questioned but both agreed they wanted to have sex. Cristin told J that her and her husband had started to have sex again but she still wanted sex with Him. J claims he reiterated that he would not leave his family but he was still interested in sex with Cristin.
J kissed Cristin. Cristin's teeth kept making contact with His so she explained to him that she had a fake tooth up front and was unable to feel certain sensations of the mouth therefore clanking teeth over and over. At some point, they undressed and moved to the bed. J gave Cristin oral sex and he fingered her. They had sex. J was unable to orgasm. Cristin expressed to J she had never done anything like this before(as far as cheating) J remained silent on the matter. I assume it was due to a previous one night stand he had with a woman he met at a bar. J told Cristin that while he had no evidence, he was quite certain his wife had cheated on him during his deployment to Iraq. This is a mind set quite common in men with PTSD. They become paranoid and untrusting of everyone around them. J's wife NEVER did the things that he claimed. Cristin also expressed her opinion on the matter of pubic hair. She expressed to J that she keeps her pubic hair long because she finds shaving to look child like. At some point she also expressed her opinion on the matter of boob jobs. Cristin claimed she didn't particularly care for her own breasts but would never get a boob job because having large breasts might inhibit her running habit. (Just an FYI, J's wife had a boob job just two months before this time And he loved her boobs) J remained silent on the matters (is what i'm told).
J and Cristin got into the shower together where they continued to kiss and touch each other but also hurried due to keeping on time with the scheduled dinners. They went their separate ways to meet their respective teams for dinner. I assume this is when they contacted their spouses to throw them off as well. At one point, Cristin called her husband while J was still in her hotel room. I am unsure if they met up later at the bars to hang out that particular night.
After they returned to the hotel, J went back to Cristin's room. He brought underwear to sleep in, a shirt and his toothbrush and toothpaste with all intentions of staying the night. This particular time, Cristin performed oral sex on Him. They had sex. J did not orgasm this particular time but Cristin told him that she had an orgasm. After sex, cristin and J dressed and went to sleep.
The next morning they had sex for a third time. This particular time, J was on top of Cristin and was able to orgasm. J claims that he was unable to orgasm previous times because of nervousness but he discovered that if he imagined that cristin was actually his wife, he could get off more easily. There were never any condoms used. But because birth control and STDs were discussed from the very beginning of their relationship, J was not asked to and did not offer to wear protection. J had sex some years before meeting Cristin with a random wife of a deployed soldier at a training event. He had not been tested for diseases putting Cristin in danger of getting diseases.
After sex, Cristin went for her run and J went back to his room to sleep a bit longer and then shower and get ready for work. There was little to no contact made during the meetings that day. Cristin gave a presentation and J noticed she refused to look in his direction.
After the meetings were over around 4:00pm J returned to Cristin's room where they engaged in sex for a fourth time. While I do not know the particulars of the sex acts performed, I do know Cristin gave J oral pleasure once more through out their remaining time together and J did not orgasm this particular time. After sex, they got ready to meet their groups for dinner. (Notice a pattern yet?)
After dinner, they met up at a bar and hung out a bit. Later that night, they returned to Cristin's room where they engaged in sex for a fifth time. Cristin wore a sequined bra and panty set for j. She rubbed her bra up and down his shaft scraping the hell out of his dick. It was quite unpleasant and hurt. But despite the pain, he was able to flip her over and take her from behind. J had an orgasm and orgasmed into Cristin. J and cristin went to bed much like the night before.
Cristin's alarm went off for her run and she and J engaged in a sixth and final time having sex. J did not orgasm that morning. Cristin left for her run and J went back to his room to sleep for a bit and then to get ready to make his way to the airport to fly home.
Cristin and J rode in a van together, along with others to the airport. They waited for everyone else to go away and they said their final goodbyes and gave each other an embrace. I am unaware of what was said or how they felt about their affair and all the lying and betrayal that happened over those two days.
July 9th, 2014 J wrote an email to cristin saying "well shit! This sucks. I knew he was going to flake on me again. just knew it. I guess we are back to the status quo of having the universe against us. time to start planning our own trip and use this airline ticket I still have. Where we going to? -J" (I have this email) Cristin wrote back that night suggesting they meet somewhere out west such as Montana or Colorado. She also asked if he would be interested in just coming to Texas to be with her. I am under the impression that these plans never came to fruition. Cristin left likes as well as a Happy Birthday message on J's facebook. Cristin was able to look at my facebook as well. She could see my children, our travels, and our lives in such intimate ways. It was all quite violating.
J and Cristin continued to email each other well into November 2014, even after J had lost his job. These emails indicated Cristin liked to call J either Stud or Honey depending upon the mood. They continued to talk about meeting each other on multiple occasions. When J was laid off, he immediately contacted Cristin. They shared regarding each others personal lives. J would ask about Her new puppy and She asked J how his house hunt was going due to him selling the house and moving.

Cristin also shared with J that she had once dated a Navy seal and she was very attracted to that type of man. I assume because my husband is in the Military, J was the type she was looking for and was attracted to.

These are the details to the best of my understanding. It was a very damaging and selfish affair. There were many lies told and a false perception given on both their parts. I do not know if I trust this entire story as true and I do not know if there were romantic feelings involved. but I do know the hurt caused from this affair. An entire family has been ripped apart completely. Some of the conversations and sex acts may be somewhat out of order but everything mentioned did actually happen regardless of the order.

I just wanted to Share their story incase cristins husband ever wants to know what happened.


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