Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Subject: Congresswoman Maxine Waters
From: Eldorado walters
Date: 11 Mar 2018

Donald Trump the more you open making falseless claims idiotic comments sometimes I wonder you have a high I Q for you to stand up their in a rally constantly insulting members of congrees just because you don't get your way whether ending daca or your stupid border wall what ever you nothing but a seventy -one year old punk baby that need his past erfurt! I really wonder why do you always attack women whether it journalists congresswoman actresses etc particular african americans women like sports journalist congresswoman Maxine Waters that make you a big man not really it just make you a small man who hate to answer to women .Maxine Waters is one of decent kind loving person in congress .Mrs. Waters doesn't need me to speak for her but, I have to speak about this guy who constantly attack africans americans in front of a cacassian crowd in which it's his right it just show how much a punk he really attacking woman particular african americans when he his guarded behind secret service law enforcement .he wouldn't present those kind of insults if he didn't have law enforcement around him for protection just so how small of a man he is that's want to distract his problems like the russians investigation a relationship with a porn star Stormy Daniels dealing with Kim jong un ! Maxine Waters is more honorable decent kind honest person .maxine waters is more honest with intregity in her then a seventy -one year old con man who been ripping people off for years recenty students at your phony trump university not giving the people the tools they needed to be sucessful in real estate instead you took their money & as others putting in your pocket. I like to add this Maxine Waters didn't pay money to a porn star to keep quiet of hurting her chances of winning a election like you did. The worst about it that while your wife just had your child you a dirtbag just my cheated on your wife with Stormy Daniels


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