Chiloé be Strong.

Subject: Chiloé be Strong.
From: A Chilote in Switzerland, for the world.
Date: 7 May 2016

I was born on a healthy island – at least healthy enough. Twenty-eight years later that beautiful island is not healthy anymore. I am sad, dead inside. The place that saw me growing into the man that I am is suffering the consequences of our unscrupulous acts, the result of our greed. We waited too long to stand up and defend the sea that surrounds our earth. It went too far, and now our flora and fauna is dead. We might die soon if we do not continue our fight. Breathing was never as hard as it is today. Yes, we are on fire. Wake up Chilote! Our island is on fire due to our united hearts and souls: Chiloé has finally awakened. Chiloé is in pain; its people need the rage, anger and hunger for payback. We need our government to show up and say they are sorry. We do not need your police force, nor your lies. They keep on saying it was the marea roja (red tide), but it has been proved the red tide has never killed, it is only a virus, some kind of bad flu for our lovely sustenance and foundation. Today, our mussels, fish, birds and more are dead or in the apocalyptic process of dying.

We do not need more excuses nor scandals. The only thing we need is life, an appropriate response. We want our healthy island back. We do not need a bridge for your Salmonera trucks; we do not need your millions to connect our birth right to your continent. We were fine and happy before you. You might call that development, but for us it is nothing but treason, political adjustment and a capitalist conquest. Chiloé is free, and will always be free. Now, we are sick and bored of the pain you have put us through, but we will survive. Chiloé is not Chile, Chile is not Chiloé. Chiloé lives and stands on its own, by its own people.

#ChiloébeStrong #Chiloéestáprivao #FuerzaChiloé #Chilote #DefendamosChiloé #Chilotelove


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