The CFTU is now offering FREE VPNs to TEFL & ESL Teachers who report China Job Scams.

Subject: The CFTU is now offering FREE VPNs to TEFL & ESL Teachers who report China Job Scams.
From: China Foreign Teachers Union (CFTU)
Date: 23 Aug 2017

Because we firmly and sincerely believe that every student in the world deserves to have a real and qualified school teacher, and a proper education, we are offering a free VPN reward to those willing to help Chinese school kids.

This link explains how to get your free VPN just by sending us an email

Pretend that you are parent and you just discovered that YOUR child has been taught by a fake teacher for the last two or three years - a perosn who has no education training, no diploma, no TEFL training, and quite possibly has a criminal record. On a scale of 1 to 10, how outraged would you be?

Now maybe you can understand WHY we are adamant about stopping this education fraud in China. These are innocent children yet greedy TEFL job recruiters care less about them - or the fake tecahers they are recruiting. Because when these fake teachers get caught, (as 50% of them now do), here is what happens to them:

The recruiters who brought them into China illegally only care that they do not get caught during their 90 day probationary period so they can collect their $2,000 placement fee per teacher. For this easy money they are willing to lie and persuade job applicants to lie on their visa applications and work illegally in China without a Z visa or a real university degree - as China law requires.

For more information about TEFL & ESL Job & Other Scams, please visit This Free VPN offer expires on December 31, 2017.


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