Sorry, JK Rowling - you gave us more than we realised

Subject: Sorry, JK Rowling - you gave us more than we realised
From: Michael Rogaris
Date: 4 Sep 2015

Dear Ms Rowling,

This letter, albeit belated, is to apologise for the behind-the-scenes verbal bashing you have unknowingly received from yours truly, and possibly, from other Harry Potter fans alike.

As a Harry Potter enthusiast, I've always been quick to reprimand your decision to end the series with The Deathly Hallows, feeling that you ought to have kept writing: be it pre-Harry, or post-Harry.

In the past, I have commonly argued that there was much more to be said about Voldemort, much more to be known about Grindewald, and much more to be learned about the founders of Hogwartz. I believed, as do so many of your fans (still), that the Harry Potter series had more life yet; that perhaps that life extended beyond our three most favourite characters (Harry, Ron, and Hermione), and that you could re-envision that magical world for us through a precursory tale. In fact, I believed it to be your duty.

However, after re-reading the entire series (for the umpteenth time), I think I finally understand why you have publicly announced, on several occasions, that you will not be releasing another Harry Potter book. It's because it was perfect, and when read properly, it extends far beyond the allure of magic.

You created a world which was entirely its own, free of orthodoxy, and sameness. A world where people were not characterised according to antiquated ideologies of 'humans'. You saw between lines, between races, and between genders. The fight was 'good' against 'evil', but the 'good' was inclusive of everyone. Where there was Harry, there was Hermione, were there were the Weasley Twins, the were the Patil twins. They all fought together; different races, genders, and sexuality, branded under one barcode of humanity; a fight against the metaphoric evil of bigotry, racism, homophobia, and prejudice. And for that, I, actually we, are eternally grateful.

As Harry Potter Gen X, Y, and millennial fans, turned from paper to paperless, I believe we carried those messages which you delivered, with us into the new world of social media. Of course I do not discount the integrity of those who've never read your books. But for the rest of us, we had a lot to learn. Hundreds of millions of people read the Harry Potter series, and I am sure your message did not go unnoticed.

And now we are seeing your characters reembodied every day in the face of true humanity. The people that beat against the oppressive to raise the oppressed. Where there is unlawful abuse, we comment. Where there is injustice, we share. Where there is an undoubted act of selflessness, we like. We are moving towards this holistic view of humanity, and this is just the beginning. Already keyboard strokes are turning into real acts of kindness and some things, which may have swept under the hearthrug have remained in the light - case in point the outreach to the Syrian refugees.

And that is why I am sorry. I am sorry for my selfishness, and I am sorry for my ignorance. Harry Potter was, and remains, your story. And its purpose, I believe, has been fulfilled. Thank you for giving us more than we realised. It's time that we fans accept the last chapter for what it is, and take comfort in the fact that perhaps you saw into the future, into a better world, and wanted to write it down for us.

Michael Rogaris