An Open Letter to My Manipulative Ex

Subject: An Open Letter to My Manipulative Ex
From: Your Manipulation Survivor
Date: 5 Nov 2017
An Open Letter to My Manipulative Ex

Words are just words until we experience their meaning. The word manipulative held little meaning to me before I met you. Now, Manipulative has a face and a voice that I know all too well. Every word you said to me, every action you made, was to in some way influence my decisions and my feelings for your own selfish gain. Your ability to manipulate, in short, was impressive. You got me to accept fault in everything that was wrong in our relationship. You turned the situations where you were in the wrong and placed all of the blame in a neat little pile on my lap.

A manipulator feeds on every aspect of rhetoric to get a person to do what they want. You strategically appealed to the emotions of my soul and made it all seem so logical. I fell for it because I felt that you held a great deal of credibility in my life. It took me months of silence to realize that real love cannot coexist with the manipulation that you were so freely giving.

I understand now. I was too excited about you, I was too devoted to you, and most of all, I was too in love with you. I was too in love with someone who was too ready to blame every single individual insecurity and issue that they possessed, on me. For some unknown reason, I accepted it. I accepted being manipulated by you for the entirety of our relationship. When you decided that you needed space I gave it to you. I waited in hopes that you would reach out, only to find that you had placed the responsibility of rebuilding what we had, on me. Apparently it was my job to fix the relationship that you broke.

Of course you don't see it that way because you are the victim. As is every manipulator. Nothing is directly your fault. You were just an unfortunate soul trying to manage an overly dramatic and irrationally committed person. My apologies. I never intended on falling in love with someone whose love was already so consumed in their own selfish gains.

Overall I feel sorry for you. Why? Because a person who realizes that they have been manipulated can learn and grow from their experience. But a manipulator continues to be a parasite in every relationship that they possess. Maybe two or five relationships after me you will figure it out, but probably not. Maybe Manipulative is just who you are and your selfishness is going to be the only thing sleeping with you at night. Either way, I wish you luck. If you ever wonder where I am, just know that I am so much happier and stronger, thanking God that I figured you out sooner rather than later.