An Open Letter to Dr. Hazel Valerie Harris (Technician at SPS, University of Kent, Canterbury)

Subject: An Open Letter to Dr. Hazel Valerie Harris (Technician at SPS, University of Kent, Canterbury)
From: You know who
Date: 27 Feb 2015
Spartaco Landi, the free loader.

I tried contacting you privately, but was told by Dr. Spartaco Landi (technician at SPS, University of Kent, Canterbury) to not contact you. I've even tried contacting the university HR department to keep this private as well. If you had read my messages, you would have realized that I was trying to warn you about him, but you leave me no choice now but to publish this open letter.

Read the chats from Spartaco Landi and tell me that you're convinced he suddenly has feelings for you. His landlady is giving him hell by increasing his rent by £40 as well as introducing restrictive rules and he sees you as a way out of it.

Spartaco Landi is not interested in you, he's interested in your house! To help you sift through the chat, I highlighted the important part in red.

The only way you will read this is if this goes viral, so I hope it gets passed around. Freeloaders need to be stopped, people who have been used by them should stand up and warn potential victims about their existence. Spartaco Landi is a freeloader who needs to be stopped, and perhaps this will make him change his ways.

I do not want Spartaco Landi back, so if you do decide to give him the benefit of the doubt and ignore all that he has said about you, you are free to do so. Just be prepared for the inevitable end when he has taken enough from you.

He has said that he never makes a move without careful planning, so for him to tell me that kissing you was an impulse ... looks like he's playing me for a fool. But I've outsmarted him in the end, I want nothing to do with him and this is the best way for him to realise that I am burning bridges.

Chat Log about Hazel

Chat Log About Living Situation

*None of these chats have been edited (except the one word where he misspells "Aspie" as "Apsie") and you will see the same log on his FB chat to me. I don't have to badmouth him, he does it all too well himself.