Nanshini Reedha betrayed me

Subject: Nanshini Reedha betrayed me
From: The used one
Date: 29 Dec 2020

Dear Nanshini Reedha,
Each and every single night, a one-word question comes to haunt me: WHY?
Why did you use me? Why did you make promises only to break them without any impunity? Why did you promise loyalty only to betray me in a way that you were well aware would have broken and ruined me?
As I pour these words on this blank paper, and see the humid spots being left by my tears, I ask myself what is the purpose of voicing the contents of my heart out when even my screams no longer reach your ears. You made countless promises but the bitter truth is that you honoured none. You told me time and again that you will not be able to live without me. Yet, today after having discarded me like the most useless atom in the universe, you are living to say this to Jayson. You vowed that you were mine, are mine and will always be mine but today I realise that you were only using me and scheming behind my back.
You vowed to be mine in this life and in the next six lives. I realise now that you were not even able to walk seven steps by my side without betraying me. There used to be a time when you feigned that you could not sleep without having heard my voice; when you would feign desperation to be by my side. Today I realise that you were merely setting the platform to stab me in my back.
You hold your Jayson with pride, then keep wear your arrogance graciously. I do not want to see even your shadow. You used me to build yourself for another man.
I told you time and again what hurt me the most, and you did it perfectly.
You took away two years of my life and left me with a broken heart and a ruined soul which knows no end to the suffering it endures
What you did was not fair. How you destroyed me was uncalled for. You broke me. You ruined me.