Most Redittors agree with U.K. Students that Gi2c is a China Job Scam. Do YOU agree or disagree?

Subject: Most Redittors agree with U.K. Students that Gi2c is a China Job Scam. Do YOU agree or disagree?
From: China Scam Patrol
Date: 4 Sep 2017

What do Redditors think about Gi2c, and their Laowai Career Center, Getin2China, and Wiseway Global alias operations? Apparently not much differently than dozens of students from the U.K. who were once Gi2c customers;

As of August 15th, 2017 separate searches at for Gi2C, Laowai Career Center, Getin2China, and WiseWay Global show 27 threads and 389 comments of which 3 are favorable and 386 are negative. This raises some obvious questions:

1) Where are all the favorable comments of their “3,000+ satisfied alumni” mentioned on their websites? Why do they not come forward and duplicate the testimonials they gave on videos? Is this the reason?!

2) Why can’t we find a single denial or rebuttal on Reddit from the owner of these companies, Yuri Khlystov who may in fact not be Yuri Khlystov after all...

3) Why do they really need four brands to sell the same services yet they deny the companies are related?

4) Why can people get their own Fortune 500 company internship or job in China for free yet none of these four companies can name a single client they placed with a Fortune 500 company in the last seven years?

5) If these companies are not scams why do they not simply post copies of their SAIC business licenses on line along with their street addresses and tax identification numbers so prospective customers can look them up online to see if they are legit – or not?

As for what people at Reddit have to say, here are just a sampling of the many links publicly available to you and the world at large:

I think this pretty much typical of what we find all over the internet EXCEPT when we go to their websites which are full of praise and glowing testimonials at review sites where you either must buy advertising or pay for the reviews. The only exception being and and when you search the reviews for Gi2c or Laowai Career Center there you will not find any encouraging news. So where did all those great testimonial videos come from you ask?!

If you think maybe the folks at Reddit just have an ax to grind with this Russian fellow then you can compare their comments with all the wonderful things you will find about Yuri and his companies here below at and, and…

Note that most of these are “reviews” that do not show up on any of Yuri’s 4 websites:

And for those who still have any lingering doubts on whether they should sign that contract with Yuri/Ben/Sergei/Isis/Wei/Chris, etc…

So what do YOU think about Gi2c and the reason they need 4 companies to sell the same services?


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