A letter

Subject: A letter
From: jackie bywater
Date: 1 Dec 2018

*This letter contains a subject which some readers may find disturbing.
It is unsuitable for under 18 or anyone who is easily offended*

A letter
For the sole attention of D&G Rape culture association a quick message.

I write in a language you are all accustomed in, if not fluent, so you can understand the following letter a little easier.
I do not apologise for its insensitivity nor my choice of words.

It is personal subject that is obviously a little ‘over your heads’ and incomprehensible to many of you concerned.. But I shall endeavour to give you a piece of my mind in response to all the cowardly bitching you have been doing behind my back for a number of years.

This letter is specifically written for those yellow ejits who cannot seem to be able to mind their own business and who find my life a little more interesting than their monotonous God forsaken lives.

I have no interest in attacking any one else. Especially those from my past.
By their silence it shows they thought I was capable of the twisted accusations and that I was guilty. That is unforgivable. If any one of them had a pair of balls they would have told me so at least I could have given a few ruby necklaces to silence the dribbling self-pitying rapists supporters.
They didn’t.
As such I have no interest in attacking them.
A.They are absolutely nothing to me.
B. I can't be bothered.

As I said this letter is specifically aimed at those who, for whatever reason, targeted me.
It is for the weak, pathetic ladies and gentlemen who gravitate to drivel about mine and everyone else’s lives in order to boost their own flagging, flabby, greying self-esteem.

This is specifically for you.

You whose only significant fight is who gets control of the tv remote. You whose entire life experience seems to come directly from drab soaps or who is fucking who in ‘Love Island’.
Are you so insignificant, your lives so small, that your entertainment relies on other people’s experiences and jealously bitching about them?
Do you have any clue about what goes on outside your town?
I do not think you do.

There is a big world out there that does not revolve around you, or you maliciously gossiping about others,
Or my business.
In saying that please believe me I am really not as interesting a subject as you seem to believe. Maybe it is because your life is so shite, so shrivelled up that in comparison my life seems so intoxicating interesting.
Believe me I am not.. However I do appreciate your thoughts. Warped as they are. Narrow minded as they are. As one sided as they are. Grey as they are. Flatulent as they are.
A big wide world and all you seem to understand is small town fishwivery.

Tell me you sit watching people on tv in war zones, famine stricken countries, refugees fighting for their lives and the only reaction you give is to break wind and laugh.
I will believe you.

Tell me you laugh, spit and bitch about the girls/ women of India, Africa, China, EU, UK, USA, etc and the countless males who have experienced child abuse, rape and gang rape and I will believe you.
I will believe you because I saw a number of you laughing about mine.

Tell me you believe rape will not happen to you, your wife, mother, sister, daughter.
I will believe that too.
I know that is true because I know it will never happen to you.
Your lives are so pampered, so safe, so damn boring that NOTHING will EVER happen to you.

Rape is simply something that your sick twisted gossiping wenches fantasise about happening to themselves. Isn’t it?
Being fucked on white tiles in a men’s stinking toilet while you stand over barking orders at her to call you “commandant”.
Am I being too brutal?
I will give no apologies.

Just like those soldiers, mercenaries, men.. animals who, in the first stage, raped and in the second stage physically ruined girls and women's bodies through miscarriages, still births, unwanted pregnancies, HIV, AIDS etc. will never apologise for what they did. I will give no apologies for my words, actions or feelings for how I feel today.

Let me continue as the first and second stage is only the start.
The third stage is the life sentence.
It is the actions and reactions of ignorant , rapist sympathising, misogynistic, asses .. just like You ..who continually perpetuate rape culture on these women/men for the rest of their lives. Who "OK" rape.
"She asked for it, wanted it, deserved it...".
All for your sick, decrepit personal self gratification and for that same scummy small town entertainment.

Rape is not one of your girlfriends rancid debauched fantasy nor is it the magazines you sick bastards find under you scum stained mattress. It is not an excuse for your hilarity and it is certainly not your, or your bitches, prerogative to regurgitate information regarding someone else’s rape to satisfy your desire to be the centre of attention in your grey, pathetic and insignificant world..

Whoever you are,
What ever stone you crawled out from under,
I am not interested in you,
Or your life ,
Or your wives, sisters, mothers rank, twisted, perverted rape fantasies,
Or you making me a part of one of them,
Get a life.
F*ck off.

Yours sincerely,

J B (Name redacted by editor)

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