To the Girl I'm Better than at Injustice 2

Subject: To the Girl I'm Better than at Injustice 2
From: Elijah W.
Date: 26 Sep 2018

Your eyes aren't fooling you. This is a very minor, non-serious gesture! If the edible arrangement had kiwis this would be a serious gesture, everyone knows they're the best fruit.

I totally get that coming out of a bad relationship and meeting someone new can be a lot, even though it was at a bad time for the both of us I had lots of fun getting to know you. I'm across the ocean now watching a red sun set under a golden sky, and you're on my mind.

Since we're not the kind of people right now where we can take somebody else into our weird little worlds, I'm sending this to say I'm daydreaming about a version of you and me where we are those people.

Maybe those people fit really well in that spot on the green couch with tea in our hands and a stack of animated movies on our Netflix list;

maybe there's amazing sex and late mornings that turn into afternoons laying in bed eating delivery;

maybe there are day trips to the beach because fuck-it-life-is-short-and-the-sun-is-fun!

or maybe you're not feeling it. And that couch just doesn't have room...

In which case enjoy the treat and i hope your co-workers are jealous ;) If I timed this right then I should be back on that side of the world in 21 days.

No pressure, no expectations, just me not trying to be aloof and charming. I'm going with honest and vulnerable for once!

P.S. If I'm being honest, it was when we were watching Winchester and that dead thing stuck its gross finger out of the pipe towards that doctor's ear that I knew I liked you. Anyone who could throw their head back and let out a scream like that at a horror movie shoots to the top of the list :p