Former Gi2C employee in China confirms WiseWay Global Education in Beijing is alias scam brand

Subject: Former Gi2C employee in China confirms WiseWay Global Education in Beijing is alias scam brand
From: China Scam Patrol
Date: 2 Oct 2017

PSA: China Career & Job Scam

As we once reported back inour 30-page investigative report about the Gi2c aka Getin2China china internship scheme back in 2015, former employees admitted being ordered to forge invitation letters and witnessing a full-time Russain hacker named "igor" deleting posts like this one from That report (linked below) was written in 2015. Not much has changed in the last two years other than changing alias names of the perpetrators.

We were not the only ones to notice the disappearing online complaints; Here is yet another post that vanished thanks to Igor... Today if you go to and search "Gi2c, scam" you will get 32 pages of results yet half of the links are "dead links" that Igor corrupted, or redirected so you can not see the negative feedback from Gi2c customers like these here;

Now the same Gi2c insider confirms that Gi2c bought out Wiseway Global Education of Beijing just to get their once great reputation...

So now we see that the Russian owner Yuri aka Sergei has used every SEO trick possible as well as hackers and even buying the name of a failing company to keep his scam revenues flowing. The sad thing is that because he is based in China, he is beyond the reach of U.S. and U.K. and Canadian prosecutors where about 80% of the victims hail from. And until there are some Chinese victims, the Chinese police will probably continue to look the other way provided the right palms keep getting greased.

So all we can do is keep posting scam alerts and updates like those at and point out all their deceptions when we spot them, like this one here...

Would it surprise you to learn that they are accused of writing their own testimonials and reviews?

How to stop this ten-year old scheme? Since we cannot count on the Chinese authorities, we can only hope readers here will warn their young friends under 30 and repost this PSA wherever they can. Thank you for becoming part of the solution. Anyone interested in reading our 30-page report on this sly group can visit

In closing, we remind you all that Gi2c also operates under various brand names including Getin2China, Laowai Career Center, Wiseway Global Education, and of course Gi2c. As soon as people stop reporting they were swindled by this group, we will stop posting these PSAs .

NOTE: The comments and opinions expressed above are those only of China Scam Patrol and not nor their staff. You can contact the author at [email protected]