An open letter to the girls who just can't let go...

Subject: An open letter to the girls who just can't let go...
From: M. Woodall
Date: 10 Aug 2017

I think it's sad that both of you feel the need to form an alliance against someone you don't know. Relationships are difficult and sometimes people hurt us intentionally, but still can't accept the responsibility. I personally don't know the nature of either of your relationships and honestly, I don't care to know. To think that you two have formed a friendship, one based on lies, is a little puzzling to me. On the one hand DJ thinks JE is just a broken hearted ex that she could relate to, when the reality is, JE was emailing inappropriate pictures to RW at the time you two were in a year long relationship. I actually saw the emails with my own eyes. They were disgusting. 2015 I believe JE reached out, started sending pictures and trying to get RW attention. It seems to have lasted because as he told me, I wasn't talking to him anymore. A sad ploy from an unstable ex lover who seems to have some personal issue with me that has now seeped into someone else's life. So the person you thought you could go to about him after your breakup, was actually secretly having an email "affair" when you were with him. All of this behavior between you both, is nothing but a huge poster for insecurity. Now, you both have some hatred and discontent toward me and that's because someone you chose to love, didn't truly love you back. I get it. It's frustrating, but again it has nothing to do with me. For years I asked to be left alone, I said "you're in a relationship", we shouldn't be speaking. And for years, every year around the same time actually, he emailed me. Telling me how unhappy he was. Telling me he wanted me back. All the while being in relationships with other people. I spent 7 years with someone else, I built my own life and I didn't use RW as an excuse to treat people poorly. If he allowed himself to be a certain way or treat you unfairly "because of me"? Again, that's not my problem. It was and will remain his problem. At the end of the day, you both need to move on. Especially JE. It's been what? 8 years? Let go of the past or the hurt and realize that you weren't the one. Stalking my social media to the point that I have to delete accounts, trying to pick fights with me over "bio's" when you don't even know me and trying to purposely place yourself where he is living, is unhealthy. Everything you've done, the dog, the Jeep, the Harley? It didn't bring him back. I'm the type of person that will hear you out if you wanted that. I understand the feelings you feel, cause I've felt them-in a completely different way than you have. If you want to hate me, thats on your conscience, but I learned to never dislike someone I don't know. Everyone has a story. Sometimes when people are with us, they aren't honest about who they are or the things that shaped them. I can tell you this, what you went through? I went through. The questioning, the doubt, the pain, the hurt. I didn't create RW to be who he was when he was with you. He was like that with me too. The only difference is, I loved him first. One day I hope you can open your eyes enough to see that what you feel is toxic for your well being, not mine. I feel sorry for you both that you have allowed one individual to control your life choices and your emotions. You should never allow someone to have that much control over you. And I feel sorry that you use me as a scapegoat instead of accepting the fact that it was his choice that he didn't want to spend his life with either of you. That's just way it is.


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