Open Letter to Compass Group CEO Dominic Blakemore

Subject: Open Letter to Compass Group CEO Dominic Blakemore
From: A well-educated and erudite supplier.
Date: 10 Jan 2018

Dear Mr Blakemore,

It is with disappointment, I have been left with no option but to reach out to you on public forum as calls and emails through proper channel proved futile.

We have been associated with Compass Group’s as business partners to strengthen your core skill of Procurement aligned with Sustainable Sourcing philosophy. It was the groups Openness, Trust, Integrity, Corporate Responsibility and Commitments which brought us to work together for building a Sustainable and Responsible Sourcing value chain around FnV segment in India. The segment which is in general is unorganised with innumerable challenges. Let me assure you, until recently, we were doing a good job which was perfectly aligned with Corporate philosophy with utmost integrity in a professional and humanly manner.

Also, let me avoid making specific reference to the situation to avoid embracement and discuss the circumstances which is in stark contrast to your Corporate Governance philosophy of “Operating responsibly with agreed ways of working” leaving us with no other option but to reach out to you on a public forum.

We along with your 55,000 clients and millions of people across 50 countries believe in Compass Group and its passionately committed leadership. A legacy that it has built over 75 years and reinforced it over the pillars of PEOPLE, SOURCING, HEALTH & WELLBEING and ENVIRONMENT. But for few unaligned aberrations in the system, prompts us to cast aspersions on the Corporate Governance Philosophy that the Group Leadership stands for.

Having been associated with one of the pillars – Sourcing for quite some time, let me take this opportunity to share our experience which is in stark contrast to Sourcing that Compass Groups takes pride as a PILLARS for its Commitment and Responsibility.

Compass Group relies on building and maintaining Positive Relationships. It goes a step forward to use its Buying Power to be a force for Good in the World. However, this Buying Power has almost always been used to coerce or intimidate suppliers. This should be a matter of serious concern for you and for millions of people associated with Compass Group that such attitude of the Sourcing team can have far-reaching consequences on local communities especially from unorganised sector which provides bulk of the raw material for your business.

Compass Group recognises that its business can play a key role in supporting the delivery of Sustainable Development agenda for sustainable future. I would suggest, to check on your sourcing team to make sure that it isn’t delivering performance with a cake walk through the unorganised sector and prefers suppliers who are uneducated, immature, ignorant and vulnerable.

We have experienced a sinister atmosphere, a feeling of oppressive malevolence when things started going south only to find ourselves being manipulated and victimised. We were made to understand, from few responses we got, that it was because We communicate in English, We conduct ourselves business responsibly within the agreed ways of working. We feel being victimised for our openness and for demanding transparency.

I along with millions of people across 50 countries and 55,000 organisations who make you strong and believe in your leadership to use this power to be a force for good in the world to act responsibly and humanly towards local communities. You have rightly mentioned that this power comes from 5.5 billion servings for your passion for great food and great service which is very well complimented with the core skill of sourcing. As I wrap up this letter, let me make an understatement, with the power vested in the Compass Group by millions of people, Compass Group alone has the necessary ingredients to cause the transformation of local communities associated with agriculture sector in India. Me and my team got associated Compass Group while we were working with local agrarian communities and came together to build an ecosystem to cause this transformation. I refer to Goal 2, 3 with extended roles of Compass, 8, 15 and 17.

I would love to see your commitment to sustainable development, open dialogue and transparency and walk the talk to strengthen relationships based on honesty, respect, fairness, trust and integrity.

A well-educated and erudite supplier.


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