Subject: OPEN lEtteR
Date: 21 Mar 2017

Dear happy person,

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be depressed or unhappy with life? You see, not everyone around you is happy with themselves or with life.. Instead of talking about how amazing your life is, try taking into consideration that not everyone has what you have and instead try talking to them, try to make them feel better. You as a happy person, obviously enjoy the company of others, but the sad people tend to be alone because they feel judged.

Depression isn’t the best feeling in the world, it makes you feel like you’re alone. It makes you life tough to function and it won’t let you enjoy life the way others people do. People that go through depression don’t enjoy ice cream the way you do, they don’t get excited for a new music album that’s about to drop. In an article, it says that one in five people will experience a mental health, therefore they are unhappier with their life.

When I started sophomore year, I wasn’t doing very well with myself because of a personal issue that had happened back in July. That personal issue caused me to bring my grades down, and loose any type of energy I had. This issue brought down my self esteem and I never felt like doing anything. I tried playing school sports and I was in my school's soccer team, I also tried going to the gym to hype myself up to be happy but it didn’t really help at first because I was just barely starting to accept what had happened to me.


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