Laowai Career Center & 189 other black scam agencies get more than 2,500 foreign China TEFL Teachers arrested & deported

Subject: Laowai Career Center & 189 other black scam agencies get more than 2,500 foreign China TEFL Teachers arrested & deported
From: China Scam Patrol
Date: 28 Feb 2017

It seems every week there is yet another new unlicensed HR or China job agency or recruiter popping up on the internet to "help" you find a "great job" in China. They publish over 500 job ads a week and perhaps 10% of the jobs actually exist. Roughly a third of the ads are posted by identity thieves ( and in the two years over 300 honeypot trap job ads were placed by the Chinese government to find an arrest illegal teachers working with fake degrees and/or no work visa, (Z Visa) which is required by Chinese law - never an "option". (

The reason so many young grads end up in hot water in China and come back home as a convicted felon is because foreigners and Chinese scam artists like Laowai Career Center keep luring and baiting job applicants with non-existent great jobs and false information.

Every day China Scam Patrol receives about 30 complaint letters and half of them are about how they were cheated, deceived, and or robbed (skimmed) by their own recruiters and China job agents. This letter below gives great insight into how even intelligent teachers are so easily swindled... (This is the letter we received verbatim)

>>>>> Quote:

RE: Laowai Career Center, (Beijing & Hangzhou)

I will be be brief. My neighbor and good friend applied for a job with this unregistered company. They are using a business license belonging to another company to operate. The owner as you will see has operated 4 known scams in China for over 10 years and he is not Chinese. He is Russian. This is what I have come to know and I hope you can expose them before innocent expats end up jailed and deported because of them.

These creeps are super slick. They really pretend to care about your "future career in China" but my friend used them to apply for a job and she discovered that although their main office is in Beijing, they tell people it is in Hangzhou where they have a shared office with a Chinese language company "That's Mandarin". They are "cooperators" and the language company puts out really optimistic articles about working in China and then finds a way to embed a link to Laowai Career Center and then the sales reps at LCC will say "look at all the good things people say about us"! I know because I fell for it - once when the same people were running the Getin2China visa scam in 2010, (The language company may or may not be in on the scam - we don't know for sure).

My friend found these people by replying to a job ad for a "PR Specialist". When she went for the interview she met the handsome Russian guy mentioned in the OP. He offered her 12,000 a month to write blogs promoting his company and "great fun working in China". He claimed he had three full time writers doing this now and one had to go back to the States for medical treatment. She almost took the job until he told her that she was never allowed to mention foreign teachers getting arrested in China which made her suspicious and then he told her that she would also have to write articles about his "other company Gi2c". So when she went home that night she googled the "other company" and called me for some advice. I told her what I read at and other scam warning sites. Thankfully, my very talented friend did not take the job or she would have been part of the fraud and not even know it.

BTW... here is one of the wonderful but false articles that he showed her as "an example" of what he wanted, and he claimed that he himself wrote this article "". Any TEFL or ESL teacher working in China today will tell you staright away that foreign teachers are the lowest paid expats working in China. Even a marketing specialist at Lenovo where my ex works makes 27,000 amonth compared to 15,000 for an average English teacher. So they use one lie to sell another lie. Here is the truth my friends: and also here at this link: (China pay charts)

Over the last 5 years, the pay for teachers has only gone up 10% while housing costs jumped almost 30%. The pay of professionals working in China has increased more than 20%. If you fall for the BS sold by Laowai Career Center, you will find yourself trapped with a roommate or two just to survive in China economically. I live here in China now for almost 6 years. I know what I am talking about. I stayed because my husband opened a small restaurant that provides us a comfortable life - except for the damn pollution.

Teaching in China is only suitable for a young person without any debts who just wants to have some fun for a year and get a China job on their international resume. YOU WILL NOT SAVE ANY MONEY IN CHINA unless you are very frugal. As for a "career" in China? Read what the job recruiters will never ever tell you:

If you can handle the truth, come have fun in China, enjoy the food, see the incredible Great Wall, but read this first: because it is so easy to be screwed over by a job recruiter who creates his own hype, testimonials, reviews, and now even "third party" blogs.

The above is my message that I hope you can include in your next newsletter to all the new ESL & TEFL teachers inbound to China. Thank You. Liz ******" >>>>> Unquote

We believe this letter speaks for itself. Spread the word that extreme caution must be used in exploring the China job market. The past history of Laowai Career Center includes 5 known frauds: Gi2C, Wiseway Global Education, China Olympic Escorts, and Getin2China. If you want the details google them at or start here:


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