Gabriel Servello; Narcissist, Sociopath, P.O.S.!!!!!!

Subject: Gabriel Servello; Narcissist, Sociopath, P.O.S.!!!!!!
From: Just one of the lives you've f**cked up.
Date: 10 Aug 2017

This was all true a couple of years ago, still true today. This guy is THE most fucked up lying piece of shit to ever walk this planet. He swoops in when you are at your most vulnerable, completely trashes and turns your life upside down...and then just goes right on back to his equally rotten wife leaving other people to clean up his messes that he leaves behind. And and his wife? She's just as if not even more fucked up than he is, and she is anything BUT a victim. Sorry to say but if your husband has been cheating on your for at least 25 years and counting and you don't do shit about it? Well then you are just a stupid bitch who deserves no pity. She sits right there always knowing, and then when he fucks up and shit hits the fan, SHE wants to act all indignant? Ha. Whatever.
BOTH of them are two of THE MOST fucked up individuals you will ever meet. It's no wonder that they have one kid who is so screwed up mentally that he is barely able to function on his own, and definitely a shocker the other two aren't even more messed up. These two have no idea how to model a healthy relationship. THEY don't know what a healthy relationship consists of. They seem to think theirs is happy and healthy? Sure, if that's what you call it when one or both of you lie, cheat, abuse, etc. Birds of a feather I guess. As much as they fight it makes you wonder what they see in each other...considering the fact that they constantly run the other one down behind each other's backs. She is nothing but a cold fish who treats him like a child, he hates her guts half the time and says he can't stand to even look at her ugly face. He cheats, she gets mad, she is physically abusive, and he thinks it's normal to have a wife who goes into such bad rages that she will destroy anything she can put her hands on at the moment including ripping her own clothes. She gets so mad that her face turns beet red and she can't even speak, all she does is stand there screaming until she hyperventilates. She hits him, or if she doesn't during the current fight then she gets in his face with her fists balled up threatening to punch him. He is so afraid that all he does is cower back like a scared little bitch. I've never met a man so scared of a woman in my life. And the worst part is the excuses he makes about it. Sorry, there is only so much I will do for anyone, including my kids. He has let his daughter go through pure hell because of both Hilda and their oldest son. The cops have been called out to their house more times than you can count. Social services has been to the house to investigate more than once as well. But yet these two, they walk around outside the home acting like they are all such the perfect happy family when in fact it is the opposite. What really gets me though is that they do this at/around/with their "church" friends. How they can go sit in church as if he wasn't just intimate with his girlfriend, and as if she wasn't screaming at him and using every curse word in the book, and yes even as they are driving TO the church! Both of them are so materialistic as well, which actually has a lot to do with why they even bother staying together. They are so concerned with having the big beautiful house, and everything in it. What they won't tell is that they are totally upside down on their mortgage. They have so many credit card bills it's not even funny. All the overtime he works and they have no savings at all, living week to week...even to the point that last summer their a/c went on the fritz and they couldn't even go buy fans for the house without charging them to a credit card...which by the way ALL of which are in his name only because her credit score is so horrible that she couldn't even get a car loan for a few thousand dollars without him signing for it. And he has a worse shopping habit than most women who love to shop. The shopping is probably just like with bored housewives...he's trying desperately to make up for what is lacking and making him so unhappy in his marriage. The only reason I can figure that they do stay is because they both are such fucked up narcissistic sociopaths that no one else is ever going to put up with their bullshit. BOTH of them can stand there and stare you straight in the eye and lie without even blinking, and I swear I think they actually believe that whatever they are saying is the truth. TRUE sociopaths. And God forbid you call them out, just like I am doing now. You will see incredible anger and indignance from them.
So yeah, he gets absolutely FURIOUS at their dirty little secrets being exposed, but the way these two behave is absolutely incorrigible. He completely destroys lives with his sneaky ways, and she stands right there knowing all about it and then always trying to blame somebody else, never putting any of it on him what HE has done.


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