The Fraud of Bruce Gorcyca

Subject: The Fraud of Bruce Gorcyca
Date: 17 Jun 2017

Or: Bruce Anthony Gorcyca aka Anthony Dimarco aka Tony Dimarco aka Tony Demarco aka Tony D. Marco aka Bruce Dimarco

What we have here is a fraud, a phony, a scammer.

He began his scamming career by producing falsified economic data to swindle investors. Left the U.S. for Canada where he again ran afoul of the law.

This is where the ride begins – he claims, after an “assassination” attempt – that he was “exiled to China.” Really? When was the last time that Canada or the U.S. exiled anyone?
And now he runs an extortion racket out of China. Many people wonder how he monetizes his endless fake news as his own websites have no advertisers. It’s a three-part process:

1. He copy-pastes his latest fantasy-fueled “newsletters” and “alerts” on his own sites and any free sites (such as, Reddit, and various ESL website forums).
2. He then links all of the posts back to his own sites to a) garner SEO and more hits but more importantly b) to legitimize his fake news.
3. He then approaches the very organizations that he “outs” in order to offer to have his “hacker friends” remove the offending posts…for a fee…a large fee.

For those of us who have been in China for a few years, we’ve come to know that:

1. There is absolutely no such thing as the China Foreign Teachers Union (CFTU) – there never was. No members, no meetings, no names, only Bruce and his fantasies.
2. China scam patrol is itself a scam.
3. Some of us are extremely well-networked and none of us have ever heard of these “stings” nor know anyone who has been entrapped by one, whether first-hand or second-hand.
4. Not all of those who apply for, and are rejected, a work permit are teachers. Just because they’ve been denied the work permit also doesn’t mean that they are arrested and deported.
5. Bruce loves putting out people’s names in his “alerts” and “newsletters” yet the only time he uses his own name is when he writes his conspiracy diatribes (in the third person) about how the former FBI agent was rail-roaded, the victim of an assassination attempt and it now in “exile” in China.
6. He has a multitude of sock-puppet accounts to provide the echo chamber required to boost his numbers and deflect criticism of his posts.

His latest “scoop,” regarding China’s labor laws, is not a scoop at all. You may find all of all these points of law explained here: and more importantly, labor laws are subject to provincial interpretations, and in some cases, local interpretations.

It is therefore wise for the administration of to delete Bruce’s fraudulent posts and ban him from “contributing” to the site in the future.


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