China Scam Review: Getin2China is the same Russian gang running the Gi2c & Laowai Career Center China Internship & Job frauds according to victims at Reddit

Subject: China Scam Review: Getin2China is the same Russian gang running the Gi2c & Laowai Career Center China Internship & Job frauds according to victims at Reddit
From: China Scam Patrol
Date: 26 Apr 2017

China is known to be a virtual minefield of job and internships scams that bait university grads and the unemployed with career dreams. Hundreds of victims will take the bait and be reeled in every year at the rate of about 300 per week.

The flowers are now beginning to bloom and reminds us that Spring is here. But it also brings a warning of the perennial scam artists that come out of hibernation as well…

Every year at about this time, over 5 million university students start looking for an internship to kick-off their careers after graduation. Many scam operators realize that these students are the most gullible and naive people other than foreign immigrants. They, therefore, become targets of opportunity - prey for the fraud predators. Companies like GAC and Gi2c zero in on these unsuspecting kids with believable emails and even telephone calls even claiming to be partners of their university and when asked how their name and telephone number was obtained, are told "Your student union has been cooperating with us for almost 5 years, and we contact all the seniors".

Other targets are the unemployed of the UK, America, and Canada, and a hacker is employed to get the names of those under 35 years of age collecting unemployment benefits.

They are all lured to China internships with articles from legitimate publications like Forbes, Wall Street Journal, etc that highlight just how much China is booming, and "growing faster than a mushroom in a rain forest". The callers then feed the unsuspecting victims a pile of glowing video testimonial links of "satisfied customers" and "third party independent review" links which in reality are self-created propaganda links that heap praise upon their companies. Blogs are also used to indirectly "endorse" the scams.

Nine China internship companies are behind these scams and only a few scam warning sights like these below are the only thing that prevent more unsuspecting people from falling into this well. But it now appears that three of these scam operations are owned and operated by the very same people, namely a Russian in Beijing named Yuri K., his Chinese partner Ben T. and his Russian girlfriend Svetlana. They also employ a full-time Russian hacker named Igor, and an Indian webmaster named Bu. More importantly they employ eleven telemarketers, one of whom has been working undercover for us, for three months, and recently resigned "to take a better job". The information he/she gathered will be used to document our final report on China Internship Frauds, part one of which is already published at

But for now at least, here below is all you need to know to keep yourself, friends, and loved ones out of harm's way. There are also some warnings and horror stories posted at and similar websites. The warnings are many, but so are all the fake video testimonials and "reviews" fabricated by Yuri's team which manufactures their own online credibility in running their infamous bait and switch scam.

So, they then decided to do what they have done twice before - simply change their identity and hustle the same scam with a new alias which they now call Laowai Career Center. The previous names they used during the past 10 years include Getin2China, and Wiseway Global.

But the students who take the bait are kept so busy reading the links that Gi2C send them, that they are too damn busy to conduct their own due diligence and look on pages 2-15 of a google or yahoo search for "Gi2c, scam". And even though is full of complaints and horror stories about these China bandits, they never get to see the red flag warnings like those posted above.

So now another year will pass and another 800 - 1,500 young grads and unemployed will learn a very costly and embarrassing lesson. They will spend over $5,000 on 90 days in China and either come home broke, or end up teaching English in China to feed themselves. Less than 5% of the interns are actually offered jobs, and more than half of those offers are rejected for ridiculously low salaries, or remote job-site locations in Gansu, Helionjiang, or Jiangxi Provinces.

The good news however, is that REAL and genuine Fortune 500 and MNC internships are available for free to students willing to learn Chinese, and about 30% these internships transform into real six figure positions with famous companies like KPMG, HP, Reuters, Lenovo, etc. But, interns have to apply directly since these companies do not deal with third party brokers like Gi2c, nor GAC. These links can help you further to get a legitimate internship or job in China - the DIY route.

Finally, there are three golden rules to remember when seeking a job or internship in China...

1) If the party inviting you to China does not give you an invitation letter for a Z visa (work visa) BEFORE you arrive in China, they are a scam to be avoided.

2) Any company that asks you to pay ANY money up-front for a China job or internship is a scam to be avoided. It doesn't matter if they call it an application fee, processing fee, or placement fee, or even if they tell you it is 100% refundable - it is a scam

3) Any company that refuses to give you a scan of their SAIC business license orSAFEA registration number is not authorized by the Chinese government to do any HR or placement work in China and is a fraud.

China is full of well-camouflaged scams. To find them all before they find you, we suggest you visit these websites below before making any trip to China, or even sending a resume as the first link will explain why...


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